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                Welcome to Our Community 

      Morris Farms, a community of 363 homes, is located in  Mecklenburg County on the southeast side of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Our community was established more than 20 years old and is a deed restricted community with an active Board of Directors.         


 The Morris Farms Homeowners Association will have an annual meeting:
 Monday, November 2, 2015
            6:30 p.m
Throne of Grace Church
7200 Albemarle Rd,  28227




Please review our Satellite Dish Placement Policy and contact us if you have questions regarding the location of your dish.

SATELLITE DISH REQUIREMENTS: As with ALL exterior changes, approval is required PRIOR to installation by submitting an Architectural Request Application (form can be downloaded from our "Governing & Financial Documents" page). Typically ACC decisions are made within 3 days, but can be expedited if the board is made aware of an emergency situation.

Satellite dishes must be placed in the least conspicuous location on the Lot (generally being the rear yard or rear roof) at which an acceptable quality signal can be received and in a manner consistent with the Community-Wide Standard and the Architectural Guidelines.
According to FCC Satellite and Antenna Regulations - the OTARD Rule... "Restrictions that do not impair a viewer's ability to receive video programming services remain enforceable, as do safety rules and rules in certain historical districts, even if such rules impair reception. As a result, community associations may still require an owner to comply with rules governing the means, method, and location of the antenna installation, as long as no unreasonable delay or cost is involved and an acceptable quality signal can be obtained. Such restrictions might include requiring compliance with building codes, screening, unobtrusive placement, painting certain parts of the antenna, camouflage, and other reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the installation and minimize the visual effect on the community,"

IF your dish
is currently located on a pole on your lawn or attached to any structure other than your roof causing it to be visible from the street, please contact us to prevent receiving a Hearing Notification, which could result in daily fines.

The board is willing to work with residents currently out of compliance, if they submit an Architectural Control Request Application (attached) or contact RCM within the next 10 days.

Morris Farms Homeowners Associations
Board of Directors
Debi, Evelyn, Clair, Erika & Marguerite

SATELLITE DISH REQUIREMENTS:   As with ALL exterior changes, approval is required PRIOR to installation by submitting an Architectural Request Application (form can be downloaded from our "Governing & Financial Documents" page).  Typically ACC decisions are made within 3 days, but can be expidited if the board is made aware of an emergency situation.
Satellite dishes must be placed in the least conspicuous location on the Lot (generally being the rear yard or rear roof) at which an acceptable quality signal can be received and in a manner consistent with the Community-Wide Standard and the Architectural Guidelines.





          JUNE 27TH  & JULY 4TH  2015


    Balloons at mailbox can indicate participants






It has been requested we stress the importance of residents being mindful
of the manner in which they park on our streets.  To aid in the flow of
traffic, please follow these guidelines:

•Park in a manner to NOT cause congestion
•Do not park across from another parked vehicle that would cause
emergency/larger vehicles difficulty in squeezing through
•Do not park on curves causing drivers to cross over into unseen coming
•Do not block access to or from your neighbor's driveway
•Do not park facing traffic (position vehicle with the flow of traffic)
•Do not park in front of "Stop" signs or fire hydrants

What Happens If I Don't Pay My Homeowner Dues? 

Your HOA’s board has a duty to collect monthly association dues, and will take necessary steps to recover any missed payments.

Your homeowners association (HOA) has bills to pay: heat, electricity, landscaping, maintenance, repairs, employees and possibly more depending on your community’s unique features. As a homeowner, you pay a portion of those fees—your HOA dues—each month.


Appointment to the Board

Please join us in welcoming Erika Paige of Moss Cove Court to the board.  Erika was appointed by the board to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Shawn Gaines.                          

Yellow flower









Morris Farms Residents,

We would like to thank the residents who provided their proxy or attended
the March 2, 2015 Annual Meeting.  Although the number in attendance was
not as high as we might like, we realize that annual meetings are no
longer the main source of communication, as in years past.  Now,
fortunately with all our electronic devices, board of directors and our
property management, Revelation Community Management, may be reached on a
daily basis through our web site and emails.

The two Bylaw Amendments (see attached) on the Meeting's agenda were
unanimously approved.

     Bylaws (governs  HOA Meetings, Assessments, and the Election
     and Duties of the Board) dictate that an amendment can be made
     with the majority of approval at a called meeting of the homeowners.
     Restrictions, Voting Rights, Property Rights, Assessments, and
     Architectural Control) are much stricter and require 75% of all 363
     homeowners approval for an amendment.

To share the information provided to homeowners, the agenda and
reports listed below can be downloaded from our Governing and Financial Documents page.

     - 2014 Year End Financials
     - 2014 P & L
     - 2014 Accomplishments
     - 2015 Annual Meeting Documents
     - 2015 Budge
     - By Law Amendments March 2015

Debi Powell, Evelyn Gandy and Marguerite Flores were re-elected for an
additional 2 year term to the board.  With no other nominations from the
floor, the one current vacancy will be filled by appointment by the board
of directors.

Door prizes were won by Dr. Melvin Russell, Mr. James Horton, Mr. John
Ryan and Mr. James Trull.

The board of directors are here to serve and assist residents with their
homeowner association needs.  If you have any questions or concerns,
please reach out to us.


Morris Farms Homeowner Association
Board of Directors
Debi, Evelyn, Clair & Marguerite







Morris Farms Homeowners,

Our annual homeowners meeting will be held on MONDAY, MARCH 2nd, 2015 @
7:30 p.m. 
The meeting will be held at the Throne of Grace Church at 7200
Albemarle Road.

For those of you planning to not attend, we would appreciate you accessing
the link below to electronically submit your
PROXY to our property
manager, Revelation Community Management.   Last year we did not have
enough in attendance to have a quorum, so every PROXY helps.

Monday, March 2, 2015 - 7:30pm - ANNUAL HOA MEETING - Throne of Grace Church - 7200 Albemarle Road --



  A Message From the Board

One of the more important duties of the board of directors is preparing a balanced budget. Each year, with delinquent accounts on the rise, this duty becomes more and more difficult. Upon searching for ways to increase revenue and stay within the guidelines set forth in our CCRs, the board elected to increase the monthly late fee from $10.00 to $25.00 (see Policy Resolution article).

The board believes this is a fair way to increase revenues needed for improvements, such as replenishing red brick chips and pruning pin oaks, that our budget does not allow for because of delinquent accounts. This late fee increase will only affect delinquent accounts that cause our short-fall, and not homeowners that pay their dues on time or set up timely payment plans. In addition, the board will no longer waive any late fees. The deadline for paying dues on time, without a late fee, is January 30th, 2015.

It is in the homeowners best interest to set up a timely payment plan to not only avoid monthly late fees, but also the attorney fees and court cost involved should a lien or foreclosure occur.



Before a homeowner is assessed a DAILY FINE for non-compliance issues, several steps take place to open communication and assist with proper measures needed to bring a violation into compliance. These steps include: 1st Notice of Violation, 2nd Notice of Violation, Notice of Hearing (10 days prior to hearing date), and Hearing Result Notification informing them a daily fine will begin in 10 days, if the violation has not been brought into compliance or occurs again.

The homeowners association follows all legal requirements set forth, which specify the amount of time between notifications. This time-frame covers a period of at least 3 ½ months, adequate time for a homeowner to correct or communicate their need for additional time to the board, prior to being assessed a daily fine.

We strongly urge homeowners to not ignore any violation notification. The board has recently changed their policy regarding waiving daily fines (see Policy Resolution article) inan attempt to make homeowners understand the importance of maintaining their property in compliance with our CCRs. If you do not have a copy of our CCR/By-Laws, you can find them on our web site at "important document" page.



Enacted: October 20, 2014 | Effective: October 21, 2014

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors of the Morris Farms Homeowners Association, Inc. is empowered to exercise all of the powers, duties and authority vested in or delegated to this Association by provisions of the Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, and the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the following policy shall be adopted by the Board of Directors regarding late fees and violation fines.

The Board will no longer waive any portion of late fees. Fine waiver requests will be considered after a violation is resolved. However, each owner will be responsible for the first $500.00 of violation fines. Thereafter, the Board will consider waiving one half of any remaining balance, exceeding $500.00.

For reference: Article V, Section 8. Effect of Nonpayment of Assessments: Remedies of the Homeowners Association. Any assessment not paid within thirty (30) days after the date shall bear interest from the due date at the rate of six (6%) percent per annum or the maximum interest rate permitted to be legally charged under the laws of the State of North Carolina at the time of such delinquency, whichever is greater. In addition to such interest charge, the delinquent Owner shall also pay such late charges as may have been therefore established by the Board of Directors of the Homeowners Association to defray the costs of late payment. The Homeowners Association may bring an action at law against the Owner personally obligated to pay the same or foreclose the lien against the property, and interest, late payment fee, costs, and reasonable attorney’s fees of such action or foreclosure shall be added to the amount of such assessment. No Owner may waive or otherwise escape liability for the assessments provided for herein by non-use of the Common Area or abandonment of his Lot.

Effective January 1, 2015, late fees will be increased to $25.00 per month. Late interest will remain at the maximum interest rate permitted to be legally charged under the laws of the State of North Carolina at the time of such delinquency.






                                                 2014 SUMMER 

                                                    FOOTBALL CAMP                                                

                                      see ADVERTISEMENT PAGE for more info








SPRING has finally arrived!  And, with its arrival comes the mowing season and a

lot of exterior maintenance that can at times seem over-whelming.


We want to encourage residents to put forth their best effort so every residence in

Morris Farms offers beautiful curb appeal.  Many times a homeowner only spruces

up their residence when putting it on the market to sell.  Morris Farms would be more

appealing if homeowners would always present their home in a manner worthy of

attracting a buyer. 


Prior to making exterior changes/additions and painting an ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL

REQUEST APPLICATION (can be downloaded from our Governing Doc page) needs submitted for approval.

This can prevent additional costly expenses by preventing the need to repaint, which has

happened to three residences after being painted a non-conforming color.


 Here is a checklist of home maintenance items that typically cry out for attention:


Normal Maintenance:

•mow grass regularly to keep it at no higher than 5"

•use a weed eater or round up to keep weeds/grass from the edges of your

residence's foundation, mailbox post, fence posts, trees, sidewalk, driveways and curbs

•fertilizer, grass seed, and use weed control to maintain a lush green lawn

•trim and/or shape shrubbery

•mulch (woodchips, pine straw) around trees, shrubbery and flower beds

•do not store sanitation containers on the front of residence

•do not park vehicles on grass

•trash bags should be stored in containers, not left on ground

•remove trash weekly

•replace broken window/blinds  


Extensive Maintenance:

•plant flowers in beds, window boxes, hanging baskets or pots

•pressure wash exterior of residence to remove mildew and dirt

•sometimes mildew can be removed with Jomax (mixed with bleach/water) or bleach spray and

a garden hose


•paint storage sheds to match color of residence

•remove cobwebs

•clean out gutters

•remove dead trees/flowers/shrubs

•remove dead, low, or overcrowded tree branches

•repair broken fence/gates

•repair broken shutters

•replace rotted wood (fascia and siding)

•replace rotten railings, steps, decks

•clean windows

•remove inoperable vehicles

•do not leave vehicles on jacks, cinder blocks, or ramps longer

than one day

•do not store appliances, hot water tanks, furniture anywhere

on the outside of residence

•keep pets on chain, leash (no chain link kennels are allowed)

•when walking pets, please take a plastic bag and clean up after them

•when parking on the street - keep tires off grass but close to curb and

park with the flow of traffic.  For everyone's safety, do not park on a curve.


This list is rather lengthy and nearly impossible to accomplish in a weekend.  However,

we encourage residents to look it over and, at a reasonable pace, work to ensure

your residence measures up.


We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable spring and summer!


Kind regards,


Board of Directors

Debi, Evelyn, Clair, Marguerite, and Shaun

APPOINTMENT TO THE BOARD                            
In the event of no quorum, which was the case at our March 3, 2014 Annual Homeowners Association Meeting, a NC Statute grants the remaining board of directors the authority to make appointments to the board.    Therefore, with the 2-year terms of Bobbie Slaughter and Clair Ross expiring as of March 2014, the board re-appointed Clair Ross.    We are saddened to share that family obligations consuming so much of Bobbie Slaughter's time prevented her from running for re-election.
The importance of Bobbie Slaughter’s contributions over her seven years of service cannot be overstated.  Bobbie provided advice, calmness and was an anchor many times as the board faced difficult challenges.  Some of the responsibilities Bobbie fulfilled over the years included the offices of Secretary and Vice-President.  We took full advantage of Bobbie's editing skills and had her proof many newsletters, emails, and HOA correspondence.  One of Bobbie's character traits was her level headedness.  She never lost her cool, calm manner.  She was a positive influence and deserves recognition for the years she provided excellent service to our neighborhood.  It was an honor serving with her.   
Since our annual meeting, the board has worked to recruit volunteers and we are pleased to announce the appointment of Shaun Gaines of Pinstripe Lane.  
Shaun Gaines and his wife Desiree moved into Morris Farms in July 2011.  Shaun has done volunteer work for about ten years, with a majority of it being community development.  He has spent many years helping other communities, so he felt now would be a good time to volunteer for his own community. As a Training/Human Resource coordinator, he has experience in writing and enforcing policy and procedure to ensure everyone adheres by the same rules and regulations.  Shaun stated he looks forward to assisting with enhancing the community to make it as safe, welcoming, and neighborly as possible.  We hope you will join us as we welcome Shaun to the board.  We are excited he volunteered to join us as we continue striving to provide excellent service to our residents.
We encourage residents to contact the board of directors with their homeowner association concerns either through our email ( or property manager,
Marissa Harris c/o Revelation Community Management
Direct Phone: 704-583-8312 Fax: 704-665-5642;
Best regards,
Morris Farms HOA
Board of Directors
Debi, Evelyn, Clair, Marguerite, and Shaun


  Morris Farms Homeowners Association 2013 Accomplishments  

•Ended year with revenue over expenses of $19,925.10, of which $10,189.28 is an interest bearing Reserve Account.

•To improve the appearance of our entrances, Wise Cut Landscaping designed and installed a new layout with uniform spacing using evergreen shrubbery, day lilies, tulips and seasonal flowers.

•Received bids and hired electrician to repair major underground electrical problem at Lawyers Road entrance that left this entrance without power for several weeks.

•Installed NO DUMPING signage in English & Spanish as well as a Security Camera at creek “dumping” area off MPD – which later was vandalized. 

•Contacted Duke Power and NCDOT with repair requests, as needed.

•Reviewed financial records monthly

•Approved and included our 2014 Budget with 2014 Annual Dues invoice mailing.

•Per resident’s request at our 2012 annual meeting and after reviewing 3 bids, Gerald Maness Concrete was hired to replace the cracked sidewalk at our Lawyers Road entrance at the cost of $3,888.00.

•Continued Monthly Yard-of-the-Month Contest  

•Purchased a new ‘Yard of the Month” sign.

•Hired an attorney to represent the HOA in filing and releasing liens. Cynthia Jones of Horack Talley at an hourly rate of $240.00.  This cost is passed on to the homeowner.

•Provided CMPD with list of vacant residences for monitoring 

•Communicated with residents through emails, web site, newsletter, phone and informational signage.

•Assisted residents with the following complaints:                                                   

◦Residences with overflowing trash containers and multiple bags of trash left on ground

◦Trash & household debris stacked in rear yard

◦Dog house installed without ACC approval attached to shed and adjoining neighbor’s fence

◦Addition added to existing storage shed without ACC approval

◦Roof repair installed without ACC approval leaving two different colored shingles

◦Tarp on roof for over a year

◦Shed paint did not match residence

◦Unfinished addition

◦Three residences needed to complete painting

◦8 residences widened driveways with gravel without ACC approval

◦Installation of an electrical fence

◦Received multiple complaints regarding vehicles parking on lawns

◦Tires and debris left on front lawn

◦Air condition window units

•Reviewed and APPROVED 24 Architectural Control Request Application and DENIED 9.  (This committee has 6 members, the board of directors and one resident, Edwin Koehler.)  We want to thank Edwin for his dedicated and professional assistance.  His experience with County regulations and subdivision planning has made him very valuable.                               

•Continued with common area upkeep and improvement which included: 
  • Irrigation system sprinkler heads repaired – which included a major water leak – RCM worked with CMUD to get us a $209.66 credit.  (We want to acknowledge and thank Rhonda Peeler for bringing this water leak to our attention).

  • lawn mowing of 1 vacant foreclosed properties
  • Replaced crepe myrtle tree uprooted by car accident
  • Removed tree limbs debris along MPD after Allan Thomas cut and stacked a tree that had fallen and blocked street access during a storm.  (We want to thank Allan for providing this service FREE of charge.)
  • At a resident’s request after last spring’s increase of insects and spider webs running from our Lawyers Road median to our Morris Pond Drive pin oaks, we researched and had our landscaper provide tree banding to all our pin oak trees.
  • Landscaper provided a FREE Soil sample to determine quality of soil
  • Used weed control, aerated, fertilized and seeded entrance medians and sides of MPD
  • Replenished wood chips at brick walls twice with dark brown nuggets
  • Cleaned and waxed entrance signs
  • Replaced irrigation system control box that was damaged by lightening
  • Replaced 2 damaged entrance well lights
  • Christmas decorations at both entrances       


•Served on committees- Landscaping, Yard of the Month, Welcome, Communication, Grounds (Website, Newsletter)

•Assisted RCM with hearings for CCR violations.

•Prepared newsletter articles and resident Arody Victoria offered his professional assistance in the design layout.

•Organized annual meeting reports and purchased door prizes. 

Monday, March 3, 2014 - 7:30pm     
Throne of Grace Church - 7200 Albemarle Road 






Have you noticed how many residents are sprucing up the appearance of their home and yard? This makes our entire community appear more inviting and fresh. We appreciate the dedication of those who take pride in the appearance of our community and regularly continue to do their part to keep Morris Farms a great and attractive place to live.
It is important to remember that, in advance of making changes to a residence, an Architectural Control Request Application be submitted to our  property management company, Revelation Community Management for approval prior to initiating the changes. Following these steps will eliminate additional expenses that could occur if a request is denied. The original Morris Farms Declaration of Covenants Conditions and restrictions addresses the importance of this approval; i.e. “No building, fence, wall, or other structure shall be commenced or maintained upon the Properties, nor shall any exterior addition to or change or alteration…(until) submitted to and approved in writing as to harmony of external design and location…by the architectural control committee.” (Article VI, page 8) Clarification and guidelines are included in the Morris Farms Homeowners Handbook that, “The purpose of the ARC committee “is to review and approve or disapprove any owner requested changes or alterations to the residential or common facilities including but not limited to: buildings, streets, driveways, sidewalks, curbs, satellite dishes, outside antennas, fences, patios and underground irrigation systems, color of paint, or a change in builder-installed construction materials.” (Page 6)

The Architectural Control Request Application form is available on our website (Governing & Financial Documents). Printed copies may also be obtained from Revelation Community Management








 NEIGHBORHOOD YARD SALE:  The homeowners association is sponsoring a Neighborhood Yard Sale and will post signage at both entrances, as well as advertising on Craigslist and  Residents that wish to participate may indicate by attaching a balloon to their mailbox. 
              Neighborhood Yard Sale
                      May 18, 2013
                7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.



REVELATION COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT is a Certified Property Manager that promises to exceed the services being received from our current management company as well as provide a cost savings. MFHOA will continue to pay $700.00 per month, but receive more services and not pay for copy fees, envelopes or paper, which in itself is a savings of at least $1,700.00 per year.

REVELATION COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT is a Charlotte based firm that was founded in 2010 with the belief that communities in North and South Carolina deserve something more. The foundation of REVELATION COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT is flexibility in meeting the individual and unique needs of each community. The flexibility offered to their communities includes world class service, exceeding all other competition. They believe that there are three key elements that can effectively reduce violations and delinquency while encouraging community involvement.....communication, education and events. REVELATION COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT offers a superior product of customizable services focused on the three key elements that will enrich community living while developing the community atmosphere that many of us grew up with.

REVELATION COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT contact information will be included in our 2013 Annual Dues invoices and updated on our "CONTACT US" web site page on December 1, 2012. 

The HOA's contract with Carolina Association Management (CAM) states:
"the Board may cancel this agreement for cause. Cause is defined as any substantial failure to perform any of Agents duties or obligations enumerated herein AFTER ASSOCIATION has given Agents written notice specifying such failure(s), and in the event Agent fails to remedy such failure(s) within sixty (60) days following such notification."  After several written notifications that did not provide a remedy within 60 days, the board began interviewing property management companies and reached a decision at their October board meeting to enter a 2 year contract beginning December 1, 2012 with REVELATION COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT (

WISECUT LANDSCAPING HIRED:  As good stewards of your HOA dollars, one of the duties of the board of directors is to review contracts to ensure the HOA is staying within budget, as well as comparing services with other contractors to receive the best services for our residents. In order to save money and a desire to improve our entrance's seasonal flower bed plantings, as of November 1, 2012 the board of directors has entered into a new contract with WiseCut Landscaping ( We look forward to working with Tim Wise and his crew.


Saturday, MAY 19th, 7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Balloons at residence's mailbox indicate participants.



ANNUAL "DUMP YOUR JUNK" EVENT Saturday/Sunday - May 26 & 27th, 2012 - LOCATION: 7333 Rena Mae Lane.           Please do not place any items on the ground. No tires, batteries, lawnmowers permitted


2012 ~ 1st QUARTERLY


Visit our "Yard-of-the-Month" page to vote





Morris Farms Residents,

The board of directors would like to thank all the residents that attended last Monday's annual meeting. Attendance was at 69, an all-time high.
The homeowners voted to re-elect Bobbie Slaughter and Clair Ross to the board and approved, by a vote of 82-23, the Bylaw Amendment Article IV, Board of Directors; Section 6. Requirements.

Section 6. Requirements: All directors and nominee requirements: Nominees selected by the Nominating Committee must meet the following 5 requirements prior to being placed on the ballot. Nominees from the floor of the annual meeting, upon election to the board found to not meet these requirements will be replaced by the “qualified” nominee with the next highest number of votes. In the event no nominees meet the requirements, the board of directors will fill the vacancy by appointment. 
  • Morris Farms Homeowner
  • Only one family/household member can serve at the same time
  • A history of compliance with Morris Farms Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Regulations (CCRS)
  • No Felony Criminal Background History
  • No Misdemeanor Criminal Background History (in the past 10 years and over the age of 25 years of age)

Please watch for the Morris Farms Community Newsletter, currently in publication, for more detailed information.

Morris Farms Board of Directors
Debi, Bobbie, Clair, Evelyn & Marguerite

 FREE ADVERTISEMENT:     A new feature has been added to this web site.  A Morris Farms resident with a house for sale or rent may now list their residence for FREE.  To participate please submit a picture, address, additional details and contact info to for posting.


MFHOA DECEMBER 2011 NEWSLETTER:     Our latest newsletter addressing coalition issues can be viewed on our "Newsletter" page.


NEIGHBORHOOD YARD SALE:  The homeowners association is sponsoring a Neighborhood Yard Sale and will post signage at both entrances advertising this event.  If you wish to participate please attach a balloon to your mailbox.

                        Neighborhood Yard Sale
                                    June 4th
                          7:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 


It is time for our annual "Dump Your Junk" event.
Please take advantage of the dumpsters provided free of charge to residents by removing from your residence any unsightly outdoor debris. Do not place items in the dumpster above the top edge. A second dumpster will be brought in once the first one is full.

Dump Your Junk

June 10th - 12th (Friday - Sunday)
8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

located at 8811 Milton Morris Drive

Out of respect to the adjacent homeowners, please access the dumpster only between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Thank you for continuing to keep our neighborhood clean


We are pleased to announce the
 1st Quarterly Yard of the Month Winner

~ The Hooks~
7137 Spring Morning Lane

MarchYard-of-the-Month Contestant

Congratulations and thank you for voting!

For picture of winner go to our Yard of the Month page

Illustration: Lawn and garden
Please vote for your favorite yard of the month. The winner will receive a $25.00 check from the Morris Farms HOA. Every three months a winner will be selected. You may vote for your favorite on the Yard-of-the-Month page. Vote as many times as you like.

Annual Homeowners Meeting Updates:

Election Results:

The board of directors would like to thank you for showing your dedication to your neighborhood either by attending the annual meeting in person or by proxy. As directors of the homeowners association we appreciate the support and participation of everyone and realize we need it to be successful.

The candidates running for election to the board that received the highest number of votes and therefore elected were Evelyn Gandy, Debi Powell and Marguerite Flores.

All financial documents provided at the meeting are posted on the Governing & Financial Documents page. For the HOA financial records to be transparent we have provided a report that itemizes each expense on our 2010 Budget vs. Actual Report and the reasons for any overages. This report is called Explanation of 2010 P & L Overages and is included with our financial postings.

Clean Up the Neighborhood Concerns:

The main concerns voiced at our March Annual meeting were the need to vigorously enforce The Morris Farms Handbook and to stay within our proposed budget.

The board of directors agree with the homeowner's concern of the urgent need to clean up many residences. We had already made this one of our top priorities and on Tuesday, March 8th, we became more aggressive and delivered to CAM explicit instructions of what we expect reported to us after CAM's bi-monthly drive through. CAM has since assigned us a new community manager, Alexis Gay, and we look forward to working closely with her to ensure our requests are met.

The board of directors need everyone's involvement. One way to become involved is to help us reach the "clean up goal" by contacting us @ boardofdirectors with the addresses of any residence that needs our attention. If a violation is occurring, we will notify Cam to send out letters and enforce compliance with hearings and fines. If there are any professional painters or lawn mowers in the neighborhood who would like to offer a discount to Morris Farms residents the HOA would be willing to assist in the advertisement.

We encourage residents to contact us throughout the year as situations arise so we can offer assistance in making your living environment in Morris Farms as enjoyable as possible. All animal issues should be directed to Animal Control by dialing #311.

Thank you for the privilege of allowing us to serve you.

Balanced Budget Concerns:

As previously mentioned, the main concerns voiced at Monday's annual meeting were the need to vigorously enforce The Morris Farms Homeowners Handbook and to stay within our proposed budget.

The board takes the concerns of our residents seriously. After Monday's
meeting the board began researching for a way to prepare our budget to
reflect not only our general month to month expenditures but also allow
for unplanned incidents, improvements and projects.

In past years, the board and its treasurers have prepared the annual budget by
balancing the expected annual dues income against the known month to month
expenses such as insurance, management fees, landscaping contract,
utilities, postage and administrative expenses; with this leaving no funds
for improvements or unplanned incidents.

After preparing the balanced budget the board still had the responsibility dictated by our
bylaws to maintain the common areas. The board's goal to "Attain, Sustain, and Maintain an
 Exterior Appearance that Promotes Pride" can only
be reached by making improvements as needed as long as funds permit. Over
the years improvements were made with the funds that came in during the
year from payment of delinquent dues without having to dip into the
general yearly received assessments. However, this practice has left the
year end report showing an overage in expense and implications and unfair
accusations are made when in actuality the board is using the funds from our
savings account to make the needed repairs and improvement projects that
have kept the majority of the residents happy. We must remind you, there
would be no extra spending if there were not extra incoming funds. (We
can't spend what we don't have.)

As we all know, for many years a large number of resident's dues went
uncollected and thus maintenance and improvements could not be made. Now
with the success of recouping these funds and continuing to enforce
payment each year, the HOA has the ability to bring our common areas up to
the standards they should have been all along. The HOA is capable of
staying within their proposed 2011 budget of $45,375.00 for general
expenses. However the items that took us over budget the past two years
and no doubt would have again this year is the usage of these recouped
delinquent funds. If the HOA is requiring residents to come into
compliance with our Handbook then it is important that the HOA sets an
example and makes our entrances and common areas just as attractive.

Since Monday's meeting the board has found a way to keep the usage of
these recouped funds from exceeding our projected budget. Going forward
in 2012 our budget will include a "Cash in Bank" section included at the
bottom of our "Operating Expenses" that lists "Reserve Account Balance" as
of 1/1/2012; "Plus Reserve Contributions"; "Less Asset Maintenance"; "Annual
Interest"; and "Balance expected on 1/1/2013". This will allow the HOA to
set aside a dollar amount each year for maintenance, unplanned incidents
and improvements in order to stay within the budget. We will implement
this new accounting technique this year by making use of the Reserve
Account on our P & L report so the remaining budgeted items stay within
their projected dollar amount. The "Amended 2011 Budget" will soon be
posted on our web site.

Thank you for the privilege of allowing us to serve you.

Morris Farms Board of Directors

Debi, Bobbie, Clair, Evelyn and Marguerite

Annual Homeowners Meeting

Monday, March 7, 2011*

7:30 pm

at Lebanon Road Elementary School

*In case of inclement weather the March 7th date will be rescheduled for March 28th

The HOA needs your support to continue making Morris Farms a neighborhood in which we can all be proud to live. To show your support and to be informed about Morris Farms happenings, please plan to attend the annual HOA meeting March 7th.  The meeting's agenda and 2011 Budget will be posted in the upcoming February newsletter and posted on this web site on the "News" page.  If circumstances prevent you from attending please mail your PROXY to CAM or deliver it to a board of director by the March 4th deadline. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE MAKES SELECTION:  By a majority vote the Nominating Committee has elected the following residents to be entered on the ballot for nomination to the board of directors at Morris Farms annual meeting to be held on Monday, March 7th 2011:   

  • Debi Powell
  • Evelyn Gandy
  • Marguerite Flores

Nominations will also be taken from the floor and handwritten on the ballot for attending residents to vote either in person or by proxy, as long as their proxy is received by Carolina Association Management (CAM) by Friday, March 4th, 2011 for verification of authenticity and eligibility.



NEIGHBORHOOD CRIME WATCH MEETING:  We have scheduled our yearly Crime Watch meeting for Tuesday, October 26th at 7:30. The meeting will be held at Lebanon Road Elementary school and we will welcome Officer Jeff Hunter of CMPD to give us crime updates and answer any questions you may have concerning crime, crime prevention and safety in the Morris Farms community.

If you are a Block Captain please make every effort to attend this meeting so that our neighbors will have a chance to meet you.

We look forward to seeing everyone from the neighborhood and hopefully answer any questions you may have as well as any suggestions in making the neighborhood a safe and secure place to live.


Jackie Waterfall

PHONE: 704-573-8421

DUMP YOUR JUNK:   After last year's huge success, we are pleased to announce our 2nd annual "Dump Your Junk" event.   Please take advantage of the dumpsters provided free of charge to residents by removing from your residence any unsightly outdoor debris.  
               Dump Your Junk

                       May 21 - 23 (Friday - Sunday)
8:00 a.m.  -  9:00 p.m.

       located at 7329 Morris Pond Drive

 Out of respect to the adjacent homeowners, please only access the dumpster between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
Thank you for continuing to keep our neighborhood clean.


Morris Farms Residents,
If you are interested in serving on the Morris Farms Adjudicatory Panel, please read the information below:  
As you know, The Morris Farms Homeowners Handbook became effective on July 1, 2009.  Our community manager, Len Szachara, has been conducting monthly drive-through inspections of Morris Farms to monitor for compliance.  Upon discovery of a violation, a letter is sent to the homeowner requesting they come into compliance by a specific date or face the possibility of a daily fine.  After this deadline expires and the violation is not corrected, the homeowner is notified of a hearing date set before an Adjudicatory Panel for the homeowner to appeal the community manager's decision. 
The Adjudicatory Panel must consist of Morris Farms residents and may not be board members.  This restriction is in place because the homeowners may appeal the Adjudicatory Panel's decision to the board of directors.

The duties of the Adjudicatory Panel would be to attend monthly hearings which can be set at a time and date convenient for the panel.  A hearing is basically like a trial and the Adjudicatory Panel is the judge/jury. At the hearing, Len will make the introductions, explain the purpose of the hearing, and then give the violators an opportunity to defend themselves and the Panel to ask any questions. After all discussion, the violators are allowed to leave and the Panel reaches a decision. The violators are informed of the decision via letter.


Hearings vary in length of time depending on circumstances. Minor violations will probably only take a few minutes. Major and/or multiple violations will take longer. But, we can set time limits. 


Although only 3 Panel members need to attend a hearing, we felt it would be a good idea to have a pool of 6 to 12 Panel members that we can draw from for the hearings. That way the same people will not be tied up each time and will not be singled out in the community in anyway.  We already have 8 volunteers and would like to have more. The committee members are kept confidential. 


Like a judge and jury, the Panel and Len would have to be present whether the violator shows up or not. The violator does not have to notify us whether they will attend. Multiple hearings could be scheduled for the same day/evening. Most violators do not want to bother with the hearing and will either make the necessary corrections or arrange an equitable solution prior to the hearing date.


We would anticipate that the number of hearings would decrease significantly once the word gets out about the hearings and possible fines.

Thank you for considering serving your neighborhood in this capacity and if you decide to accept, we look forward to hearing from you.

Morris Farms Board of Directors

Debi, Bobbie, Jeanette, Evelyn and Clair   

The Board of Directors would like to thank the seventy-plus residents who showed their support by attending our March 1st annual homeowners association meeting either in person or by proxy. 
The only item up for vote was the election of two board of directors which were won by Bobbie Edwards Slaughter and Clair Ross.  Four door prize gift cards from Bi-Lo, Earps Gas, Dilworth Coffee and Shomar's were won by Shirley Martin, Kassie Bennett, Terry Bethea, and Marguerite Flores.  

The 2009 homeowners association's financial reports may be downloaded from our Governing & Financial Documents page, as well as a breakdown of the 2009 project and expense report.
Some residents presented ideas for improvements to our common areas and the board requested a presentation be forwarded to them detailing the materials and expenses involved.   All residents are encouraged to contact the board of directors
( with project ideas.  Upon compilation, the board will forward these ideas to the residents to vote on in the same manner as they did with the removal of the picnic shelter area. 
Thank you for allowing us to serve you,
Debi, Bobbie, Jeanette, Evelyn & Clair

4th Quarterly Yard-of-the-Month Winner announced on Yard-of-the-Month page

IMPORTANCE OF YOUR PROXY:  Included in your newsletter mailing was a proxy for residents who can not attend the March 1st annual meeting.  If you cannot attend the annual meeting please sign the proxy and mail it back in the postage paid envelope that was conveniently provided. The proxy must be received by CAM by Friday, February 26, 2010 in order to be validated. So please sign yours today and put it in tomorrow's mail. If you decide to attend the meeting, your proxy will be voided and returned to you.  If you are pleased with the board's progress such as, new entrance landscaping, new lanterns, demolition of shelter & parking lot, collection of annual dues up 90% (no longer allowing 1/4 of the residents to get by without paying their share of the dues), quick response in returning emails and phone calls, and the recent and ongoing clean-up of residences by enforcing The Morris Farms Handbook, then please show your support by signing and returning your proxy. It is very important that we receive your proxy if you want to keep the momentum moving in this direction.  We understand not everyone can attend or is interested in attending the annual meetings, but your vote is important.  Proxy votes help the HOA keep a board that is willing to assist and work with residents for the betterment of our neighborhood. Your proxy will be used to vote in two board of directors. Thank you for your consideration and please feel free to contact us through our web site at: or email us at:

Illustration: Lawn and garden
Please vote for your favorite yard of the month. The winner will receive a $25.00 check from the Morris Farms HOA. Every three months a winner will be selected. You may vote for your favorite on the Yard-of-the-Month page. Vote as many times as you like.



*In case of inclement weather, the meeting will be rescheduled for Monday, March 29th.

THANKS TO MORRIS FARMS FOR IMPROVEMENTS:  We have noticed that many residents have spent time over the past few months making improvements to their property.  Some of you have painted, some have made landscape improvements, broken windows have been replaced, and others have replaced broken garage doors, had new roofing installed, and the list goes on.  Still others have removed Christmas lights quickly after the end of the holidays, or even removed lights that had not been taken down for several months.  These efforts have improved the quality appearance of our neighborhood and make it more enjoyable to be a member of the Morris Farms community.  We commend you for your hard work and hope it will be an inspiration to others.  Keep up the good work!  

STORM WATER DRAINS: In light of recent flooding on Milton Morris Drive, it has been requested the HOA make residents aware of the following information:

Please dispose of fall leaves properly. They must never be raked to the curb, the street, or in storm drains. These leaves clog the storm water creek and drains, which causes flooding.

Curbside pickup is a great way to dispose of yard debris.

Remember though, don't block gutters and storm drains. Storm water needs a place to drain.

Q: What can be legally put down a storm drain?
A: The only thing that is supposed to go down a storm drain is rain.

Q: How can yard waste cause problems?
: In the autumn, the leaves fall from the trees. In the summer, there are grass clippings from mowing the lawn. In the spring, weeding the garden produces a lot of waste. In the winter, ice storms bring down tree limbs.

Q: Do you know what to do with this yard waste?
  • Use a compost bin to turn yard waste into a useful gardening product.
  • Take yard waste to a recycling center.
  • Place in bags for curbside pick-up from your sanitation service.
Visit Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Services' website to learn more:

After sending out our "Slow-Children at Play" mass email, we received a request to address another potentially dangerous situation ~ vehicles parking on Milton Morris Drive. 
Milton Morris Drive is a curvy, hilly road and when vehicles are parked on the street all night and day long it poses a hazard for opposing cars and the children playing in and behind these vehicles.  In the spring and summer morning hours the sun is low and everybody is blinded heading towards Lebanon Rd. Elementary School.  When you are dodging parked cars and trucks in the road there is bound to be a tragedy just waiting to happen. 
The HOA realizes that some driveways do not provide adequate parking for more than two vehicles and since we prohibit parking on the grass, sometimes parking on the street is the only option.  If that is the case, please do the following:
  • park close to the curb
  • park with the flow of traffic
  • do not park on the sidewalk
  • park on the street only if your driveway is fully occupied

Residents are requested to call 911 if they see a parked vehicle blocking access to a fire/water hydrant.  There is one located at the corner of Milton Morris Drive and Rena Mae Lane.
On another note, vehicles should not stop and let school children out at the entrance on Milton Morris Drive.  Children are being let out in the street and then cross in front of cars that are pulling into the subdivision from Lebanon Rd.  This causes an extremely dangerous situation.  Please access the school entrance drive or park in the Medical Building's side parking lot and walk your child across the street to the crossing guard. 
Additionally, please remember to drive 25 mph and, as always, thank you for watching out for our children. 

At the request of homeowners and in an attempt to reduce speeding, the board has purchased 5 "Slow - Children at Play" signs to be installed on Barn Stone Drive, Milton Morris Drive and Spring Morning Lane.   The signs are 24" x 30" (size of a speed limit sign) and would be attached to a 6' u-channel galvanized post.  The post would be installed with a post driver for a tight fit and eliminate excess disturbance of soil. Here is where we need your help.  Below are areas we need residents to grant us permission to install one of these signs.  The sign would be installed on a side property line one foot back from the street (like the street light poles).
  • 7400 block of Barn Stone Drive 
  • 8900 block of Milton Morris Drive    
  • 8700 block of Milton Morris Drive
  • 7100 block of Spring Morning Lane
  • 7000 block of Spring Morning Lane
If your residence is near one of these locations and you are willing, please contact us by email @  We appreciate your consideration as we strive to make Morris Farms a safer place for our children. 

Due to the weather, we are extremely sorry to have to CANCEL our FALL EVENT scheduled for today.
We were prepared and ready to have fun with everyone, but the cancellation is necessary because the bounce house and obstacle course are very expensive and can not be exposed to rain.   
We hope to reschedule this event in the spring or fall of 2010. 

Illustration: Trick or treat

            Morris Farms HOA Fall Event

                          Residents Only

                    Saturday, October 24th

                            2 pm to 5 pm

               At Morris Pond Common Area

                                       Free to residents with proof of address or this flyer

Come and enjoy a bouncy house for the younger children,

an obstacle course for teens & adults, pumpkin paintings,

cakewalk, children's Halloween costume contest, hotdogs,

soda, chips and popcorn. While supplies last.

We hope to see you there.

Morris Farms Board of Directors

In Memory of Megan Archer........ 
Morris Farms resident Megan Archer, of 7301 Barnstone Drive, died on Friday, September 18th, 2009, at her residence. 
We would like to recognize Megan as our long-time friend, former HOA board member, former Chairman and recent Co-Chairman of the "Neighborhood Crime Watch".  Megan continued to assist the HOA in different capacities even after resigning due to health complications.  She was dedicated in helping others and could always be counted on to help out.  All Morris Farms residents benefited from her service and dedication through the many years of her involvement with the Crime Watch. 
As noted on Megan's Facebook one of her favorite quotes was by Emily Dickinson " If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, or cool one pain, or help a fainting robin unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain. Dear Megan, you did not live in vain. 
We will miss you dearly,
Debi, Lynne, Bobbie & Jeanette 

ADJUDICATORY PANEL FORMED - We would like to encourage residents to join our newly appointed Adjudicatory Panel that currently consists of seven residents.    The homeowners association recently distributed The Morris Farms Homeowners Handbook, which became effective July 1, 2009.  Our community manager, Len Szachara, will conduct drive-through inspections of Morris Farms to monitor for compliance.  Upon discovery of a violation, a letter will be sent to the homeowner requesting they come into compliance by a specific date or face the possibility of a daily fine.  After this deadline expires and the violation is not corrected, the homeowner will be notified of a hearing date set before an Adjudicatory Panel for the homeowner to appeal the community manager's decision.

The duties of the Adjudicatory Panel would be to attend monthly hearings which can be set at a time and date convenient for the panel.  A hearing is basically like a trial and the Adjudicatory Panel is the judge/jury. At the hearing, Len will make the introductions, explain the purpose of the hearing, and then give the violators an opportunity to defend themselves and the Panel to ask any questions. After all discussion, the violators are allowed to leave and the Panel reaches a decision. The violators are informed of the decision via letter. Hearings vary in length of time depending on circumstances. Minor violations will probably only take a few minutes. Major and/or multiple violations will take longer. But, we can set time limits.  Only 3 Panel members need to attend a hearing, we felt it would be a good idea to have a pool of 12 Panel members that we can draw from for the hearings. That way the same people will not be tied up each time and will not be singled out in the community in anyway.   If you are interested in being on this panel, please contact the board @ 


Our "Dump Your Junk" project, derived from our "Taking Pride in Our Neighborhood" theme, was a huge success!  One 30-yard dumpster from CRS Dumpster Rental was parked on Iron Stone Court for Morris Farms residents' usage from Friday, June 5th to Wednesday, June 10th and filled twice.
As a reminder, residents may continue to "Dump Your Junk" at Hickory Grove Recycling Center located on Pence Road off Albemarle Road (behind Wal-Mart). 
There is no charge for garbage or household items taken to the dump in a car or SUV.  Trucks are charged $7.00 for household items and $15.00 for construction materials. 
We encourage residents to continue cleaning-up their property in preparation of Carolina Association Management (CAM) beginning to enforce The Morris Farms Handbook effective July 1, 2009.
A special thank you to the residents of Iron Stone Court for graciously allowing the usage of their street for this clean-up project!  Likewise, a big "THANK YOU" "to all the participants who complied with our requests to not disturb Iron Stone Court's residents and kindly placed all their objects in the dumpster.  Other than a few wood chips, the street was clean!!  Great job! 

THE MORRIS FARMS HOMEOWNERS HANDBOOK has been mailed to all residents and becomes effective July 1, 2009.  As residents of Morris Farms, special obligations belong to each of us and some of our behavior may affect others.  The CC&Rs (Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions) and By-Laws dictate many of the rules and regulations we live by.  The Handbook was created to help you become aware of your entitlements and your obligations as well as a general information guide and to clarify some of our rules and regulations.  Starting July 1, 2009, Carolina Association Management, Inc. (CAM) will begin enforcement of this Handbook so we encourage you to become familiar with it and abide by the standards set forth.

ANNUAL COMMUNITY YARD SALE will be held on Saturday, June 6th, from 8am until 12 pm.  A sign will be posted at our entrances directing traffic to residences with balloons attached to their mailbox.

DUMP YOUR JUNK - In addition to the yard sale to help with your spring-cleaning the board has rented a 30 yard dumpster which will be located at 9131 Ironstone Court. It will arrive on Friday, June 5th and be available until it is full. Each person is responsible for dumping their own trash. Please be thoughtful and make sure all of your trash gets into the dumpster. Do NOT leave a mess on the street for the residents of Ironstone Court. These neighbors were kind enough to allow the dumpster to be parked in their cul-de-sac. In addition, we ask that you do not dump before 8 am or after 9 pm and watch for parked vehicles and children playing. Thanks so much for your cooperation and consideration.


The Homeowners Association would like to recognize two Morris Farms residents whose service to the board has recently come to an end. 


Patricia Hinson served on the board from 1993 until 2008 when she resigned after the birth of her daughter.  Over the 15 years Patricia served on the board she contributed in so many ways it is difficult to limit her accomplishments to one or two items.  Patricia was very hands on and was always willing to offer assistance even if it involved physical labor such as spreading woodchips (remember those days Patricia), planting flowers, or standing out in a rain storm to direct traffic around a fallen tree. She has also gone door-to-door collecting signatures for street lights and bylaw amendments. Not to mention the numerous times she assisted with folding, stamping and labeling 363 newsletters.   Patricia also volunteered in research, collecting bids and the many other duties involved with being a board member.  


Connie Starnes was elected to the board in March 2007 and served her two year term.  Connie provided the board with research on several property managers which allowed the board to hire Carolina Association Management (CAM).  Connie took her responsibility as a board member seriously and was dedicated in her desire for the homeowners association to improve the appearance of Morris Farms.  She also enjoyed welcoming new residents in her role as Chairman of the Welcome Wagon Committee.


Both of these ladies should be applauded for giving of their time and energy for the betterment of Morris Farms.  Each of them in their own way successfully served this community and will be sorely missed by the board.  If you see these ladies, offer them a pat on the back and say “job well done”.



2008 Project Expense Report - click here


The board of directors of the Morris Farms Homeowners Association would like to express our appreciation to all the residents that assisted by proxy or by attending our annual meeting in showing their dedication to their neighborhood.  We had a terrific turnout and hope that you continue to support us as we endeavor to serve our community. 

We want to encourage your participation and want you to know that we welcome your advice and ideas!  Please do not hesitate to contact us.  We do ask that you approach us in a kind, considerate and respectful way. 
Since Monday’s meeting, we have been contacted by many residents through emails, phone calls and personal visits expressing their support and appreciation.  We want to thank each of you for this support!  At the annual meeting, Jeanette Pugsley and Debi Powell were re-elected to the board and Sharon Lee was elected as a new member.

Over the past 2 years we have witnessed a lot of improvement in Morris Farms, but we still have a lot to do.  We want to continue to find solutions to improve the overall appearance of the entire neighborhood!  So, let's all hang in, pull together, be considerate, and work to make Morris Farms better!  The board will be hard at work completing the new “bylaw clarification handbook” to assist us in this goal.  We hope to get the handbook distributed within the month.  Also, per the request of homeowners at the annual meeting, the board is in the process of researching the addition of a  blog to our web site.    We will keep you informed. 

You may contact us by:

       ·  voice mail: (704) 543-8474
       ·   web site:
       ·    mail: Morris Farms HOA c/o CAM, 4957 Albemarle Road,
           Charlotte, N.C. 28205
Your neighbors,

Debi, Lynne, Bobbie, Jeanette, Sharon


Morris Farms Residents,

There has been recent email activity within the neighborhood that is causing some concern about Morris Farms Homeowner Association not abiding by certain sections of Chapter 47F, North Carolina Planned Community Act.    

The board of directors would like to make residents aware that since Morris Farms was established before Jan. 1, 1999, we are not required to obey Chapter 47F in its entirety.  

          Chapter 47F, Article I, 47F-1-102. Applicability (a)  This Chapter applies             
             to all planned communities created within this State on or after January 1, 1999,                     except as otherwise provided in this section.  

If you are interested you may view what sections apply to us by visiting our Governing and Financial Document page.

For those concerned about our reserve account, we want to assure you we are interested in everyone's ideas of what projects they would like accomplished.   Even if Morris Farms was incorporated after January 1, 1999 and was subject to 47C-3-114, Surplus fund of Chapter 47Four reserve account would not be defined as surplus funds.  The reserve account is not excess money collected due to over billing. It is money that has been owed to the HOA for many years from residents that did not pay their annual dues.  This lack of funds to work with is what has caused the rundown appearance of Morris Farms over the years.  Thanks to CAM 's collection efforts we can now proactively make repairs and improvements. 

We intend to research multiple ways that this money can be used to improve Morris Farms. We will keep you informed and ask for input as we carefully move forward with the neighborhoods best interest at heart.

Thank you,
Morris Farms Homeowners Association

Board of Directors 


Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009, 7:30 p.m.
is the reschedule date of the Morris Farms 2009 Annual Homeowners Associations Meeting, which was initially set for March 2, 2009.  Each homeowner will receive a notification letter at least 15 days prior to this meeting.
12:54 pm edt 

Monday, March 2, 2009

CANCELLATION & RESCHEDULING OF MARCH 2, 2009 ANNUAL MEETING  Due to inclement weather and the closing of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (location of our meeting), we must cancel tonight's annual homeowners meeting.  Notification of the rescheduled date will be mailed to residents at least 15 days prior to the meeting.

1:03 pm est 

Friday, February 13, 2009


Monday, March 2, 2009, @ 7:30 p.m. at Lebanon Road Elementary School's cafeteria the Morris Farms Homeowners Association's Annual Meeting will be held.  Door prizes will be given out and homeowners will receive the 2008 Budget Report and the 2009 Approved Budget. In order to allow all residents the opportunity to receive reports and vote, all questions and discussions will be held until the end of the meeting.  This should be an exciting and informative meeting.  Please come and allow us to share the positive results of our 2008 collections, the projects completed, and discuss with us your ideas for upcoming projects. 

9:49 am est 

Monday, November 3, 2008

NOVEMBER 6TH MEETING CANCELLED.  The November 6th CMPD meeting that was scheduled to be held at Garr Memorial Church from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m has been cancelled. It has tentatively been rescheduled for January 6th, 2009.

5:18 pm est 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

On September 19th, Morris Farms residents were mailed an informational packet and asked to vote if they wanted our picnic shelter renovated or demolished.  The deadline to return the self-addressed, stamped postcard was October 3rd.  As of Monday, October 6th, we received 106 postcards with the following results:
                    Renovated:     14
Demolished:   91
                    Blank:                1 
As a result of the outcome of the votes, in a few weeks a contractor will demolish the picnic shelter and parking lot. The board would like to express our appreciation to the residents who participated in this survey.

7:30 am edt 

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